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This warranty service is available to the product of LEMAURICE & CO for 5 years and LEMAURICE for 1 year. Please read the terms and conditions as following and complete the registration on the next page.


Terms & Conditions: 

1) Either printed or electronic proof of purchase / warranty has to be retained during the entire warranty period of time. In the case of lost of proof or expired warranty, we will charge fee for any service provided. 

2) Warranty terms only cover the following replaceable components which include Trolley frame, Handles, Wheels, and Lock. The Terms does not cover any non-replaceable components which includes but not limited to cracked shells, scratches, zippers damage etc.

3) Repair request has to be submitted online with any required information. Our company will have the full discretion to offer complimentary service after accessing each case individually. In the event of man-made damage or misuse of product, repair fee will be charged for each set of replacement components.

4) Warranty service is not applicable to the following conditions:

  • Fair wear of wheels, scuffed exterior.
  • Damage caused by abuse or misuse.
  • Damage to locks caused by forcing or incorrect keys to locks.
  • Damage caused by airlines, baggage handlers, customs or similar.
  • Damage caused or resulting from repairs or modifications carried out by non-appointed repairer.
  • Force Majeure (Act of God) – Fire, Earthquake, Water damage (including storage in damp conditions).

5) The Warranty is only valid within the specified period and is subject to the conditions specified. This does not affect your statutory consumer rights. LEMAURICE&CO will not accept any third party or contingent liability. We reserve the final decision of providing warranty service for incomplete proof of purchase / warranty, or online warranty registration.