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Combination lock manual

Configuration of password for your combination lock differs for each model within a series. Please find your lock in the file below. Clicking on the respective link will display a PDF file with the respective explanation.


Locks caring

To prolong the effectiveness of the locks, please use the keyhole slide buttons when opening and closing the hasp. Sliding open the lock mechanism by using the keyhole slide buttons, before inserting the hasp may prevent any potential lock damage. If the locks become stiff when opening or closing, please apply a lubricant to regain smooth operation. Please note, an oil-based lubricant may discolour or stain the surrounding vulcanized fibreboard or leather components. Therefore take care to apply lubricant to the locks alone.


Forget password Help

Combination lock can only be opened by an authorized repair center using special tools. Please bring or send your suitcase to our repair center. Under rare circumstance that you are not able to send your suitcase back to our repair center, please contact us and then follow the repair instructions. Keep in mind that is not responsible for any damage caused by your own repair action.



When cleaning the exterior vulcanized fibreboard, you may use a soft rubber pencil eraser to remove any scuff marks. A soft cloth may also be used when moistened with a neutral detergent. Please take care to choose an appropriate cleaning fluid so as not to discolour the case exterior. Pre-testing on a small area is recommended before using any cleaning products on the entire surface of the suitcase. Do not apply or use any cleaning or coating products on the leather parts, as they may discolour or damage the leather.

Do not use thinner, benzene, spray or any kind of solvents or water-proof spray to clean or coat the suit case, as they may discolour or cause damage to the suit case.

Le Maurice & Co. suitcase covers are washable by hand only and are not suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.



Do not store your suitcase in wet or damp conditions for prolonged periods of time. Vulcan Fibre is water resistant to short/medium exposure to wet conditions, but prolonged exposure to dampness or water may cause damage to the frame and locks, and water may get inside and damage the lining and contents.

If your suitcase gets wet, please wipe with a dry cloth as soon as possible, in order to keep the product in the best condition possible. Avoid using of a hairdryer and instead please use an absorbent tissue or a soft cloth. If not dried immediately in this manner, the spillage may cause damage to the shape and overall condition of the suitcase.

Do not over expose your suitcase to high levels of humidity, acidity or high temperature. Doing so may cause damage to the locks, metal parts or shape of the suitcase.

Long-term exposure to direct sunlight may cause damage to the shape or colour of the product.

Please take care when packing fragile items such as glass or articles that contain fluids that might break or leak, since they may cause damage to the contents of your suit case and the suitcase itself.

Please take care when placing the suitcase on shelves, tables or other elevated places, since if the suitcase falls it could cause bodily harm; or cause damage to furniture, the suitcase itself and its contents. When storing in high places, please lay the suitcase on its largest side, in order to prevent it falling over in the event of sudden movements or vibrations.

Do not over pack your suitcase. Over packing could cause damage to the suitcase or wheels.

In order to best maintain the condition of your suitcase, please refrain from laying heavy objects upon the exterior. Avoid also leaving heavy items inside the suitcase for extended periods of time. Doing so may affect the shape or cause damage to the suitcase.

To prevent damage to the suitcase wheels and exterior, please take particular care when transporting it on staircases and uneven terrains. Avoid lifting using towing handles.