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Repair Service is only available for product of LEMAURICE & CO or LEMAURICE. Please read the following terms and complete the registration on the next page.



Trolley Handle Wheel Lock



Crack Scratch Dent Zipper


Procedures and Terms: 

1)Check the purchase / warranty receipt for the validity of warranty. You are required to show the printed or electronic proof of purchase / warranty when your repair application is approved. In the case of lost of proof or expired warranty, we will charge fee for any service provided.

2)Repair service only covers the following replaceable components which include Trolley frame, Handles, Wheels, and Lock. The service does not cover any non-replaceable components which includes but not limited to cracked shells, scratches, zippers damage etc.

3)Repair registration has to be submitted online with proper pictures. Our company will have the full discretion to offer repair service after accessing each case individually. In the event of man-made damage or misuse of product, repair fee will be charged for each set of replacement components.

4)Bring the product and receipt back to our local service centre in-person. Please don't mail us any repair item without first informing us. Our company is not able to provide any repair quotation before physical examination of the damaged item.

5)After inspection, we would notify you if the product is repairable with the estimated duration and cost (if applicable). The repair cost should not exceed the original value of the product. Please contact repair department for any further question.



If your suitcase is damaged at transit, please file a report immediately with the baggage service counter of the carrier (airline, train company, etc.) located in the arrival hall, inside the restricted area. The staff will provide you assistance. Most companies do not deal with baggage claims after leaving the airport. You may also file a claim towards your travel insurance policy (if you had bought one). Contact us should you require a proof of damage report.