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The craftsmanship Le Maurice & Co., is managed by maestros, designing all kinds of hardshell and fabric goods. They uses the finest materials and expert skills to produce fabric products by hand to bespoke quality. The factory has been operating for three decades and currently has two generations of the family involved at every stage of the process. This knowledge and passion has ensured that as much care and attention-to-detail goes into making these new products as the original suitcases.


Each case is uniquely constructed from blended board; a special material invented during the 1980’s consisting of multiple layers of bonded plastic. Lining are produced by the fabric team who also form the iconic Le Maurice & Co. logo over a period of 5-days on antique Victorian presses.


Le Maurice & Co. designs fulfil not only the modern travellers’ demands in terms of functionality and quality, but that also deliver a contemporary individual lifestyle to distinct in the World.