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19° 50' S and 57° 18' E

The République de Maurice, was famously known as the "Stella Clavisque Maris Indici" meaning the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean.

Named after the formerly French colony,, Le Maurice & Co collections are always full of meaning with each season tells a different story. 


Designed with jet-setting mind and sophisticated technique, Le Maurice & Co. collection offers a unique artistic interpretation of travel luggages with extraordinary quality.

Le Maurice & Co continues to develop unique travel gears that meet the high standards of the most trend-aware fashionista throughout centuries.


Better known for the Le Maurice & Co signature collection - The Parisian. The intrecciato collection is a combination of an eclectic sense of style and differing textures highlighted by the signature “leather weaving texture” made of polycarbonate plastics.

The collection elevated the travel experience to the peak of innovation in the design, engineering, functionality, and performance at the time era.

Le Maurice, sister mark of the heritage Le Maurice & Co is set to be a playful lifestyle brands of fashionable travel gears.

Le Maurice embodies the concept of affordable travel luxury whilst offering an stylist trends of options for the modern travellers of the World.